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  1. Looking for an RB25 starter motor

    Hey man, give otomoto a go, that's where I picked up my last engine and it's on the way from Sydney to Canberra!
  2. Anyone ever bought anything from Otomoto?

    I've bought my suspension parts from them (complete KKR package), my KKR380 turbo and a set of rims from them. Never had an issue with any of the parts or the service. The guys at Otomoto are always happy to have a chat with you about the parts and applications etc, great place to shop
  3. how many of these describe you?

    Who else felt terrible about almost getting all of them? I feel so bad I don't want to even mention my number :\ Or should it be proud that we are almost all the same?
  4. Rear Windscreen Wiper Removal

    I remember seeing something like this on ebay no joke. Problem is you are going to be paying a premium because it should be a perfect fit. As stated above be careful if you do, cause Mr Blue and White might want to have a chat with you...