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  1. JDM EVO's training log

    Tuesday 07/06/2011 Poorly prepared today. Left my chalk at work as well as my post workout shake. Idiot. Lost many layers of skin from my hands (currently red raw) and above my knees from the barbell knurling. The barbells at my old gym were so worn there was barely any knurling to speak of. I could only get 4 reps out of the last two sets of DL as the pain was unbearable. Deadlifts 10 x 60kg 5 x 110kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg 4 X 160kg 4 x 160kg Wide-grip chin ups x 14 x 12 x 8 Bent Rows 10 x 60kg 8 x 80kg 8 x 80kg 8 x 80kg 8 x 80kg Close-grip pull downs 47kg x 10 57kg x 8 67kg x 8 67kg x 8 67kg x 7
  2. Adelaide gyms

    Agreed. Im starting to regret signing up. Until then you should check out Fortus Team Gym. Thats where i would go if i wasnt in a stupid contract. Why do you guys say that? I joined last week due to it's location being convenient (for me), quality and range of equipment and I was hopeful to learn new things from other members who train hard, lift heavy and are after similar results as me. Also, it open long hours during the week AND weekend. I checked out Fortus Gym last week (got an $85 parking fine in the process)... it's small, dingy, the equipment was average and it was shut on Sundays. I paid $859 for Worlds Gym and Fortus were $700. IMO, it was worth the little extra. Parking is the big issue with both gyms. Fortus is worse - can't find a park near the joint but I usually get a park out the front of Worlds. $2-3 per training session. Probably going to cost me $300-$500 in parking fees annually if I continue to train consistently.
  3. 240kw suited intercooler

    here we go mr know it all about performance ? Just because you have Chinese heritage doesn't mean that you have to continue to buy and support inferior YUM CHA spec products...
  4. 240kw suited intercooler

    Yes, your car will make 250kw's with most cheap e-bay intercoolers or the no-frills entry level Greddy M-Spec LS. However, enjoy your power loss from heatsoak after 2 hot laps around a race track. You get what you pay for.
  5. Gym Buddies

    ^^ maiky, where do you train? Just started at a new gym on Friday. The equipment is second to none but there are soooo many tossers!

    MIS 180 on Fullarton rd just after midday. It had teh mad flutterz
  7. It slipped my mind that we could use compassion as an outlet to take advantage of and be above the law!!! I must exercise my acting skills and try that sometime...
  8. SA Section track day

    If there is anyone that wants to do grip day at Mallala that is actually going to go ahead, there are 24 spots still available for Time Attack Round 3 (Monday public holiday June 13). All that's needed is a CAMS L2S licence and $220 to enter! It would be good to see a larger contingency of Nissans out there rather than the GTR, EVO and WRX/STI normality. Autosport Time Attack Round 3 2011 ENTRY FORM Autosport Time Attack Round 3 2011 SUPP REGS
  9. ay guys need help looking for a cage

    Not for much longer. Loz already has a PM. Sorry to take the thread OT
  10. Agreed 100% I feel that although it was done with good intent, it really was idiotic and totally inappropriate. There are many other ways that they could have made a "send off" that would have been just as meaningful.
  11. JDM EVO's training log

    Friday 03/06/2011 Shit was wack Started at the new gym tonight so I spent a lot of time trying to find stuff and get my bearings. It should take 1-2 weeks hopefully to fully settle in. Felt a bit off colour this afternoon so my lifts were gay az. Squats 10 x 60kg 5 x 100kg 3 x 120kg 3 x 140kg 3 x 140kg 3 x 140kg 5 X 120kg 5 x 120kg Rack Pulls 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 160kg
  12. JDM EVO's training log

    Thursday 02/06/2011 Back was still a little sore so I decided to smash the shoulders today. Also been at my current gym for 2 years and my membership finally expired today so I am going to start a new chapter at a new gym (World Gym in the Adelaide CBD). I am looking forward to it! Wide Grip Chin Ups (Bodyweight) x 18 x 12 x 10 x 8 Incline Bench Press 12 x bar 8 x 60kg 8 x 60kg 5 x 70kg 7 x 60kg Standing Military Press 8 x 70lb 8 x 70lb 6 x 70lb 8 x 70lb DB Front Raises 8 x 25lb 8 x 25lb 8 x 25lb 8 x 25lb DB Lateral Raises 12 x 25lb 12 x 25lb 12 x 25lb 12 x 25lb Bent Over DB flys 12 x 20lb 12 x 20lb 10 x 20lb 12 x 20lb
  13. Gym Buddies

    I always train alone with my Ipod as I want to be focused at the task at hand. I am pretty anti-social at the gym actually. It's good to know people at the gym though for the times when you need a spotter to assist you in squeezing out that last rep but it gives me the shits when people I know interrupt me to socialize.