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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Pretty much just post up what you are listening to right now DJ Tiesto - Lethal Industry (Karybde & Scylla Remix)
  2. Hardtuned.net Cruisers Guide 2008

    Following the huge response and feedback from the last cruisers guide; http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=102390 and the constant pressure from loz-webmaster to make another i proudly present the Nissan Silvia Cruisers Guide 2008! Now taking requests for a week for track listings, old school tracks, mega tracks, tracks that touch you ect whatever you want to hear. Accepting front cover designs MIX IS OUT NOW DOWNLOAD LINK IS JUST BELOW -=PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY=- Hardtuned.net/Nissansilvia.com Cruisers Guide 2008 Mixed by DjeMz 001 - Alex MORPH & Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary 002 - David West - Make U Mine (Vocal Mix) 003 - Michael Gray Feat. Shelly Poole - Borderline (Vocal Club Mix) 004 - Tiesto - In The Dark (Dirty South Remix) 005 - Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party 006 - Supafly Inc - Let-s Get Down (Full Intention Club mix) 007 - Meck feat Dino Lenny - Feels Like Home (Dirty South & TV Rock Remix) 008 - Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights (Steve Angello & Seb Ingrosso Mix) 009 - Pryda - Pjanoo (Original Mix) 010 - Daft Punk - Harder Faster Stronger (Deadmau5 Edit) 011 - Albert VS Kyau - Tell Me (Album Edit) 012 - Mauro MBS - Dirty Vinyl Pusher (Dirty Vocal Mix) 013 - Shakedown - At Night (Mousse T-s Feel Much Better Mix) 014 - Fragma - Tocas Miracle 2008 015 - David Guetta - The World Is Mine 016 - The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Crookers Remix) 017 - Sugiurumn - Star Baby (Axwell Cyberjapan Remix) 018 - Laidback Luke & Steve Angello - Be (Ivan Gomez Dj Edit) 019 - I Cant Get Enough, Feel Together - Powers That Be, Fireflies, Ben Macklin 020 - Love You More - Public Domain 021 - Dennis Christopher - Soulshakin 022 - Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man (Club Mix) 023 - Dark Monks - Insane (Steve Murano Vocal Remix) 024 - DjeMz - Take Me To The Zombie Nation 025 - Nalin & Kane vs Denis the Menace - Cruising (Steve Murano Club Mix) 026 - Dogzilla - Without You 027 - Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms 028 - Pretty Green Eyes - Ultrabeat Release: 29/03/2008 Playtime: 1:02:07 Bitrate: 192kbps BPM: 135low 142.96peak -=PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY=- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2QLZCWZ3 CRUISERS GUIDE TO 2005 LINK HERE: http://rapidshare.com/files/100395248/DjeM...e_2005.mp3.html Winner of last edition: Loz Others Cheers Emre Can
  3. Make : MITSUBISHI LANCER Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 63000 Price : $24,500 Condition : Used 2009 Ralliart Sport back in very good condition! The hardest part of selling a modified car (be it light modifications or extensive) is trying to get people NOT to think the car has been mistreated. This car has been meticulously maintained since day one! I looked at over 7 Ralliart lancers before I purchased this one - in fact I flew to South Australia and drove it back!! Details: -5 Year Diamond warranty -Full dealership service history -Top of the range with sunroof -Tinted windows - max legal limit with privacy glass for driver and passenger -Rhino aero roof racks - with vortex strips -Mitsubishi smart key - leave the key in your pocket to drive, unlock and lock doors -Factory Mitsubishi tow bar (rated at 1000kgs) - used once to move a fridge -Factory Mitsubishi LED foot well lights -Factory Mitsubishi Engine start button -Factory Mitsubishi MMCS -Latest Where-is navigation maps -Bluetooth 2.0 -Voice commands -Dvd player -RCA aux port - with additional video in (ipod iphone mp3 ect) -MP3 player -Reverse Camera -Reverse Parking sensors -Air pressure/Temperature readings -Elevation changes -Instant L/100 readings and graphing -Lap times -Maintenance scheduling -Bluetooth dialing phone numbers directly from the touch screen - answer from steering wheel also -Fog lights -Auto head lights -Rain sensing wipers -Cruise control -18x9.5 +35 Gmax light weight wheels -Bilstein springs -Factory Mitsubishi Evolution 10 inter cooler -Factory Mitsubishi Evolution 10 BOV -Hi - flow cat. -Tuned by Beeble tuning unlock more potential including SST transmission now has S super sport. Also resulted in a much better fuel consumption from factory. -The car is an absolute pleasure to drive, very good on fuel (my average is between 9.9 and 12L/100 depending on amount of highway driving). -Always run on BP ultimate 98. -Extremely regretful sale - genuine reason for the sale. -You will not find a more loved and looked after Ralliart than this one. Link to car sales add: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details.../SSE-AD-2323563?
  4. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-patrol-2003-12908441 Mates of a mates? or have you seen it around? Thinking of flying up to have a look at it, also any recommended 4x4 workshops near by that could do an inspection for me? cheers
  5. Best swb 4x4?

    what are the 2.8 td wranglers like? how many kgs can you hold on the racks? what are they like to tow with?
  6. Think before running from police

    Don't run from the police? "She said the pursuit was terminated before the crash."
  7. Think before running from police

    Btw some of you have some good arguments... But I honestly think it would do more good being sent to your local pm, the traffic minister or the media.
  8. Think before running from police

    Wow.... Ok... Some of you know what was done to my old 32 (full cage, primer, mismatched wheels ect ect) and that I used to drive it everywhere; in the city for work, cruises, hills, hwy fri night, everywhere - it was my daily. I have a fair amount of run ins with not only hwy patrol but also the local vans, and I have NEVER been picked on for minor things like tint, load ratings. In 3 years or ownership and litterally around 15-20 run ins with the police I only recieved 1 minor defect: steering wheel not padded (fair enough I can see the safety aspect in a collision), pod and intercooler (I don't blame the hwy patrolmen, did have a noticeable loud spool n dose) 2nd defect: major height, tires protruding guards (I had rubber n scratches from delman all over my guards lol) and rears were on belts - I was the fk wit too lazy to swap my wheels that day... Shit happens. All my other run ins have been defect free, EPA free, infringement free... Im sorry, but if some of you are copping defects for stupid shit, you must be a total f**kwit! We have been caught sliding in the industrials and hills by the police, they say what they have to say, we had a ciggie together and they were on their way. It's all attitude - they are human beings just like you. The police are just doing their job - if you make it harder for them, trust me they will make it much harder for you.
  9. Wheel Widening

    hey mate, how about widening 15" ford ceptors to a 10"? how much can i expect to pay for the pair and is there still a long wait? cheers

    kinda off topic but i received a hand written traffic infringement, but the S/C wrote my details wrong.... does this mean the fine is invalid?
  11. Kronic

    I dont smoke, but just out of curiousity, could this become a youth health epidemic? Effect wise how similar or addictive is 'kronic' as marijuana? Thoughts and opinions?
  12. Kronic

    The whole e-cigarette didn't really grow in popularity but I wonder if this will turn out the same.
  13. Kronic

    Nah heard about it before. Didn't think anything of it till it was on the news today
  14. one for everyone out there...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39grA9zWvOc hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha
  15. MX5's

    Add some power and you get this: Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xh6WuteQkM Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI-5DGqh_uE
  16. Melbournes weather Wheres summer?

    35+ days are awesome... get to knock off and piss off to the pub
  17. Gran Turismo 5

  18. MX5's

    dude there is no power issue at the hills at all... keep her pinned and hold on for dear life! i put the semis on before i bought a fixed back sparco.. its almost impossible to not smack your hips on the door/centre console with semis and stock seat. spazzo everytime you jump in the car, it honestly feels like your heading out on the track... i used to cain it and hoon around all day, never ever been pulled over. Drove it everyday to work, hills on weekends and nothing. As FUT said, no cop attention (what so ever), cheaper insurance, bulletproof motor/box/diffs (if you keep it NA), extremely reliable, awesome on fuel, good brakes, 50/50 weight distribution, comfu and stylish interior (NBs), unbeatable in the hills, convertible in summer, what more could you want?
  19. Gran Turismo 5

    Ok well the sebastian lobe snow challenge got gold with heaps of time to spare. Had spin and asm on.. Feels slow as but you want full traction in the snow. With the other two I kept sliding the corners an loosing time. Fun but not very fast at all. Braked early, no aids just baby the throttle for easy gold!
  20. MX5's

    Agreed. I never got around to putting a decent diff in but they are easy to throw out but you need to be quite fast to catch it.. They are heaps snappy! Having said that, way more challanging then my old 32! How did you find the car as a drifter? I can imagine it would be hard with the car being so light and grippy but were you still able to drift it when you felt the urge? You can kick them out and they are fairly easy to control. They can actually be a great deal of fun in the wet. I went for a hills 'drive' today where I was encouraging more than necessary oversteer, was quite fun Yeah you can slide them, won't be as easy as a S platform or a Skyline or something but you can certainly do it. If you want a drift car look for something else unless you want to splash a bit more cash.
  21. Gran Turismo 5

    What settings do y'all use for the 2nd seb. Lobe challenge? The one how u cross train tracks at the start.. I got gold in the other two but can't even pass this one
  22. MX5's

    Ps they are 4x100 so finding decent size wheels is rather expensive. You can't fit 14s on nbs FYI. Expect to pay $$ for low offset wheels
  23. MX5's

    Yup you can. Have a sus on mx5carchat heaps of info there but most of the owners are old and emo so don't bother talking about offset or drift coz you will be hated on