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  1. ok, lets say its a fatality.the dead body could be in the car thats off the side of the rd and the one blocking traffic the driver got out and is safe. moving that car could of lost valuable evidence. im only speculating here. do what every you feel is the best thing at the time
  2. i would probably do the same too. the thought only just occurred to me
  3. im not hainvg a go at you, but what if police/major crash investigates had wanted to investigate? you just disturbed evidence. and it wasnt to save a life, it was to get traffic moving again.
  4. there was a manual? i never read the manual.
  5. A drunk driver does not intend to kill others, but when they do they must accept 100% of that responsibility. This is no different.
  6. i would be quite happy if they took austereo down
  7. bingo! i just call it "see"but see hash, lol
  8. god i hope that doesnt start at my work its just like www/world wide web
  9. build threads i dont know why, i just hate them
  10. jeep grand cherokee 2000

    i know plenty of ownersone at 260k km and the only thing replaced was the rear dif
  11. how to change the rear pineapple in a s14 (to allow better grip or drift)
  12. Adelaide hill cameras

    yeah man, a i said, i was sceptical too i cant find any references in the media about them either